This department is responsible for the administration and enforcement of the North Carolina State Building Code. The Department of Inspection has jurisdiction over all areas within the city limits and all extraterritorial areas within which the city has jurisdiction pursuant to state laws.

Department Duties

  • Receive applications and supporting data for permits;
  • Issue or deny permits;
  • Make all necessary inspections to ensure code compliance;
  • Issue or deny certificates of compliance;
  • Issue or deny certificates of occupancy;
  • Issue stop work orders or orders to correct violations;
  • Maintain adequate records of permits issued or denied, inspection made, corrections ordered, and certifications issued; and
  • Take other actions that may be required to adequately enforce the building code.
  • Permit Fees have been established by the Department of Inspection for building, insulation, electrical, plumbing, mechanical, mobile homes, signs, and fees for conditional use permits and variance or appeal to administrative decision permits.